Founded in 2020, Lady Of The House is an active female-led collective and community dedicated to championing, celebrating and honouring women. Together, they amplify women’s contribution to the dance music industry and uplift and educate the community.

In 2020 Snowy Snowball contacted Laila Mckenzie to join forces to write a book featuring 150 women in dance music. This concept quickly evolved in 2021 when a Kickstarter fundraiser campaign raised £20,000 for the first publication of the Lady of the House book. Thanks to the incredible support from our sponsors and all who donated, the grassroots organisation were able to conduct a survey with Save Nightlife and provide a report that was produced by party parliamentary groups.

Lady of the House has gone from strength to strength, representing women and fighting against the gender disparities that continue to face the industry. From being shortlisted for the Radio 1 Dance Impact Award to hosting its very own Cultural Exhibition and UK Club Tour, the grassroots organisation has started breaking down barriers and is paving the way to a fairer industry